About GCI

By Anne Myers

The Garden Club of Irvington-on-Hudson held its first meeting in May, 1930. From the original twenty charter members, the club now has a capacity for sixty actives and associates residing in the river towns of the lower Hudson Valley. In 1936 the club was invited to join The Garden Club of America, enabling the membership to cooperate with other GCA clubs on local and national programs and issues.

A strong interest in horticulture intensified in 1956 when Lord and Burnham rented to the club a small greenhouse on its Irvington waterfront property. The popular greenhouse activities were later moved to one of the propagating sheds at Lyndhurst. In this historic location members continue to grow and educate, propagating plants and seeds for their own gardens, flower shows, GCA’s annual Plant Exchange and a public educational Plant Sale held each May.

The principal project over the last few decades was maintenance of the Rose Garden at Lyndhurst. Restoration efforts began in 1968 and merited the GCA Jane Righter Rose Medal in 1996.In the fall of 2003, Lyndhurst resumed its chairmanship of the Rose Garden, but club members continue to work, teach and learn in this magnificent setting. Each year the public is invited to a rose pruning demonstration in late March and to Rose Day in June.

The club has been involved in many civic projects, beginning in 1932 with the landscaping of Irvington’s Memorial Park. Virtually every public site in Irvington has at some time been designed and/or planted by club members. The club also supports local and national conservation activities through active participation, donations, speakers and projects. It has educated the public about composting, native plants, invasive species and littering. Most recently, the club installed botanical labels on the trees in Scenic Hudson Park as part of the GCA Centennial Tree Project.

16 responses to “About GCI

  1. jessica huff

    I am interested in joining the garden club.
    i’ve been here for almost 10 years and my best gardening buddy moved away -i sure need some gardening friends!
    Please let me know how to join.
    Jessica Huff
    914 591 7769

  2. gcirvington

    Hi Jessica,
    Come to Rose Day at Lyndhurst on June 5. Talk to members and make sure you find out about our next public meeting or event.

  3. Nancy


    I recently attended the Rost Garden opening at Lyndhurst which was incredible. Thank you for restoring and maintaining this wonderful garden. I was wondering if you could provide me with the source for the arches used in the garden. I have not had much luck with the garden store variety that don’t seen to stand up to the weather (wind esp) and heavy vines. Thank you.

  4. Mike Tatum

    I am hoping someone here can help me. I live in San Diego and take care of my mother and father. My mother spent 3 years at a place called “irvington house institute”. She has been after me to find some pictures for her but for the life of me I cannot. Do any of you happen to have any info for me. We would appreciate it very much. Mike Tatum email is peggy_bob@hotmail.com. P.S. she was there in the 1930’s.

    • GCIrvington.org

      Dear Mike,
      The only this we were able to find about Irvington House Institute is that is was a research institute affiliated with NYU Medical Center. Is that the place you are looking for? I’m afraid the Garden Club won’t be of much help. Although maybe the folks at the Irvington Historical Society will have some information. Good luck to you and your mother.

  5. Hello there,

    I would be very interested in finding out more about the Garden Club and it’s activities as I am deprived of a garden and very interested in learning about roses. Please let me know how to get in touch with you and possibly join – that would be a great start to the year for me!


    • GCIrvington.org

      Hi Janine,
      We would be delighted if you came to one or more of the three upcoming free events:
      Rose Pruning Day, March 24 in the Lyndhurst Rose Garden
      Garden Fair and Plant Sale, May 12 in the Lyndhurst Greenhouse
      Rose Day, June 3 in the Lyndhurst Rose Garden
      There, you can meet our members, learn all about roses (and other plants we grow), and find out more about the club.

  6. Charlz Papovitch

    Hello Janine,
    My name is Charlz and I grew up and still live in Ardsley. So I’m not far from you guys.
    The reason for this message is that I’m looking to become affiliated with a garden club in the area.
    I am a student at the NY Botanical Garden. I’m taking prerequisite courses and accumulating hours of horticultural experience so that I might enter their Professional School of Horticulture.
    If you or anyone in the group finds yourself in need of a volunteer (or paid volunteer, lol), either in the garden or greenhouse, Im looking to accumulate more hours for my program. I need 1,800hrs total and have 653 so far.
    Last summer I did a majority of the maintenance on the “Ladybird Johnson Demonstration Garden” as well as the “Stone Cottage Garden” both located at the Native Plant Center on the campus of Westchester Community College.
    Hopefully, this gives you some sense of who I am horticulturally speaking.
    One day it would be nice to meet other gardeners in the area.
    Warmest Regards,

  7. I am writing to ask how to go about inviting the members of the Irvington Garden Club to an event at the Greenburgh Nature Center in April. I didn’t find any contact info on the website, so I’m leaving a message here.

    The event is a free book signing reception in honor of Sprainbrook Nursery Al Krautter’s new book, 12 Steps to Organic Gardening. Please let me know what the best way is to reach your membership. Perhaps the invitation could be shared at an upcoming meeting, or distributed to your list by e-mail or regular mail?

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Sara Cashen
    Director of Development
    Greenburgh Nature Center

    • Dear GCIrvington,
      I have a wonderful book coming out next year called, “Heaven is a Garden – Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection”, published by St. Lynn’s Press. I would like to present the Powerpoint that goes with this book to your members. It is both informative and engaging! I will be speaking that the NW Flower and Garden Show in Seattle and at the Chicago Garden Show in February and March. I live in Croton on Hudson and would like to share it with my fellow Hudson Valley gardeners!

  8. Hello, I am writing to you from Sacramento,California.I am inviting anyone from your Garden club to join with other Gardeners for a Flower Garden tour to South Africa Sept 14-25-2012. Highlights: visiting 3 of the largest Botanical Gardens, meeting with the Cape Orchid Society in Cape Town,The largest Orchid Nursery, attending the 95 annual Wild Flower Show,and much more. Plus 3 days on a Safari. Full details can be found on youtube.com ,in the search line write travel by nicki .

  9. Hello,
    I am writing as Town Arborist from the Town of Greenburgh. I noticed down at the Scenic Hudson Park that decorative tree identification tags were provided on and around the trees planted down. I was just wondering where you had those tags made? We are looking to do the same for new plantings we installed at the Greenburgh Library. Many thanks,
    Aaron Schmidt

  10. Dr. Mark Bridgen

    Cornell University has organized a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show and gardens of London next May 17-24 as a fund-raiser for our Student Internship Fund at Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center. For additional information about the trip go to: http://www.LongIslandHort.cornell.edu and click on the link under EVENTS. For more information about this trip or a copy of the complete brochure, feel free to email or call Dr. Bridgen at 631-765-9650 or mpb27@cornell.edu.

  11. Linda Azif

    I attended Rose Day last June and spoke to a member about joining the garden club. Could you please let me know when your next meeting is. I would love to attend.


    • GCIrvington.org

      Dear Linda,
      Thank you so much for your inquiry. The next meeting is Tuesday, October 15 at 11:00. The theme of the talk is “Glorious Food and Flowers” by Lucy Townsend, and the location is O’Hara Nature Center in Irvington. There is a catered lunch and I will try to find out more information for you.

      • Linda Azif

        Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the October date but would love to attend in November. Please keep me informed as to the next meeting after the October one. I have something scheduled on that day that I would gladly reschedule if I could but am not able to. Thank you. Linda


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