Good Roses with Michael Ruggiero

The Garden Club of Irvington will present a lecture, “Planting, Maintaining and Pruning Good Roses” by Michael Ruggiero on Tuesday, March 20, at 11 am in the Chauffeur’s Cottage at Lyndhurst, 635 South Broadway, Tarrytown.

A renowned expert in roses and all perennials, Mr. Ruggiero has spent more than 50 years in horticulture. 

Currently horticulturist and plant and garden expert at Matterhorn Nursery in Spring Valley, NY, he previously was senior curator for horticulture at The New York Botanical Garden, where he was responsible for the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden and many other collections. Mr. Ruggiero is the author of four books on horticulture: Perennial Gardening (The American Garden Guides), Annuals with Style Design ideas from Classic to Cutting Edge, Spotters Guide to Wildflowers of North America and Spotters Handbook: Flowers, Trees and Birds of North America.

The presentation is free and open to the public.

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